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Stated Income Loans for Investors - Long Term Rental Loans for your rental property.

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680 credit + and 7.5% rates are possible with our investor loan products.

Loans from 60,000.00


Most states are available - just send us an email and ask.

Please take a moment to read more about us, or use our apply online or  loan center  menu  to obtain the most current information on mortgage programs and information available. We are a direct lender and broker (pending type of loan) and our pincipals over 20 years in lending and real estate investments.


in order to keep costs and rates low we are looking for Good credit borrowers with a minimum 630 score and 20% - 30% down on purchases and 70% LTV on refinances.

For slightly higher LTV (up to 80% ) we can use 24 months of bank statement - (Bank Statement Loan) to calculate income. This is way to calculate income without using adjusted gross income reported on borrower and business tax returns.



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you have 10% down and experience- no doc rehab hard Money loans

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longer term Loans for income properties. Even Wrap and owner finance - our guideline page

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

IF you have commercial real estate loans (apartments, retail, office) "

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Blanket Loans and "soft money" investment property loans :

Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional (Fannie Mae - FHA type) loans. Perhaps you have large cash holdings but show little income or you have more than 5 or even 10 properties financed. Either primary home loans or investment we can help ...(more)

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