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If you have a loan scenario, please use a our quick qualifier - Apply Online for Stated Investor Loans

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for scenarios , please have information ready:

property info (value, rent , amount owed, history (when purchased, how much)

borrower info (credit score if known and any negative information known along with dates (bk,foreclosure, mortgage lates, other, judgements, irs and property tax liens) ***********the more you know and disclosure the faster we can get to a solution.


About us

We are small group in Texas. We function as lenders, investors and intermediaries to private funds, insurance companis and small banks.

With almost 15 years of experience in lending, investing, flipping and building a rental portfolio ourselves our borrowers can rely on a strategic and timely approach.

We hope you review our simple but informative site and are ready to discuss a financing strategy.


Please email or apply online to tell us about your scenario.