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Stated Income Loans for Investors & landlords

Build a rental portfolio - turn short term loans to long - cashout free and clear investment-rental property - Use our Stated Income - Limited documentation loans for investment property mortgages and loans.

Please take a moment to read more about us, or use our apply online or  loan center  menu  to obtain the most current information on mortgage programs and information available. We are a direct lender and broker (pending type of loan) and our pincipals over 20 years in lending and real estate investments.

This is site for serious investors who want a streamlined underwriting process. 630 or better credit is needed , below that and we may help but its more of hard money until the borrower can raise credit.

OUR ADVANTAGES: We can offer 12 month prepay vs 2-3 years+
Flexible underwriting( credit , property type and locations – all open to discussion)



quick scenario- click here. This helps tell your story.


rehab hard money


you have 10% down and experience- no doc rehab hard Money loans (12 month loans) 70% ARV - Most States

long term - landlord loans

Long Term Loans

longer term Loans for income properties. Even Wrap and owner finance - our guideline page. Rent must cover payment amount by 15-20%

commercial loans- alternative

Commercial Real Estate Loans

IF you have commercial real estate loans (apartments, retail, office) "

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